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Bulk vs. Pure Live Seed (PLS)

Ernst Conservation Seeds conditions and prepares seed to the highest standard, and sells it in bulk or pure live seed (PLS) quantities. Seeding rates in this guide are based on bulk seed unless otherwise indicated. Sometimes professional or contractual seed mixes are expressed in PLS quantities to create a more exact quantity. Pure live seed (PLS) refers to the amount of live seed in a lot of bulk seed. The cost of pure live seed (PLS) is proportionately higher than bulk seed.

The Formula:

The purity multiplied by the germination , divided by 100 = the of pure live seed (PLS) in a lot of bulk seed. To determine how much bulk seed is needed to equal 1 PLS lb, 1 is then divided by the PLS .

Example: 96% purity x 80% germination, divided by 100 = 76.8% PLS in 1 bulk lb; 1 divided by .768 = 1.3. Therefore, 1.3 bulk lb of seed is equal to 1 PLS lb.