Seed bags waiting to be mixed or packaged for shipment

Ernst Conservation Seeds supplies the highest quality native and naturalized plant seeds, mixes and bioengineering products for restoration, beautification, reclamation and conservation. Our seed selection represents a high degree of biodiversity with the intention of restoring the greatest ecological function to the landscapes into which they are planted.

Our products are sold as:

  • Individual species seeds
  • Seed mixes (Pre-formulated and custom mixes available)
  • Bioengineering (live plant) materials

These seeds and live materials generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Grasses and grass-like species
  • Herbaceous flowering species
  • Woody trees, shrubs and vines

An example of seed cleaning/sorting equipment

Our seeds and live materials are commonly used by private property owners, landscape architecture firms, environmental consultants, conservation organizations, farmers, land improvement contractors and government agencies for a multitude of different applications. Following are some of the more common applications of native seeds and live plant materials (click on any of the following to be directed to the respective section in our Planting Guide):