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Andropogon glomeratus, FL Ecotype (Bushy Bluestem, FL Ecotype) whole plant/field shot
Andropogon glomeratus, FL Ecotype (Bushy Bluestem, FL Ecotype) seed head

Andropogon glomeratus, FL Ecotype
Bushy Bluestem, FL Ecotype

The bushy heads stand out on many roadsides and open land in the southern half of the United States.

General Product Information:

Item Number: ANDGLO03
Species Type: Native
Product Categories:
Classification: Herbaceous Perennial
Characteristics: A clump-forming warm season grass; remains erect through winter; plants turn reddish following seed maturity.
Habitat: Bogs, wet pine flatwoods, wet ditches, fresh and brackish marshes, lake and pond margins, disturbed wet and upland areas.
Bloom Period: Late summer to fall
Foliage Color: Green
Height: Up to 5.0 Ft
Minimum Root Depth: 12 in
pH: 5.0 – 6.3

Indicator Regions (view map & key):

Northcentral & Northeast: FACW
Midwest: FACW
Eastern Mountains and Piedmont: FACW
Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain: FACW


Shade: Full Sun
Drought: Low
Salt: Low

Seed Information:

Approximate seeds per lb: 205,000
Seeding Rate: Expect to apply about 10 lb per acre. When used as part of a mix, ensure that the mix consists of not less than 1.0% and not more than 25.0% of the total.
Truax Seedbox: Fluffy



Price: $660.00/lb (PLS)

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