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Cyperus esculentus (Chufa (Nutsedge)) bloom
Cyperus esculentus (Chufa (Nutsedge)) seed

Cyperus esculentus
Chufa (Nutsedge)

The tubers are eaten by wildlife that can dig them from the soil.

General Product Information:

Item Number: CYPESC01
Species Type: Native
Product Categories:
Classification: Herbaceous Perennial
Characteristics: A rhizomatous species.
Habitat: Moist ground of fields, meadows, lawns, gardens.
Bloom Period: August to September
Foliage Color: Green
Height: Up to 2.2 Ft
Minimum Root Depth: 10 in
pH: 5.0 – 7.0

Indicator Regions (view map & key):

Northcentral & Northeast: FACW
Midwest: FACW
Eastern Mountains and Piedmont: FACW
Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain: FAC


Shade: Full Sun
Drought: Moderate
Salt: Low

Seed Information:

Seeding Rate: Expect to apply about 5 lb per acre.
Truax Seedbox: Fluffy



Price: $3.52/lb

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