Secale cereale, Variety Not Stated
Rye, Variety Not Stated

Bunch-type winter companion or cover crop; used for erosion control; may be planted anytime of year, but preferably in the fall or winter as rye has a strong ability to grow in cold weather.

General Product Information:

Item Number: SECCER01
Species Type: Naturalized
Product Categories:
Classification: Herbaceous Annual, Herbaceous Annual
Characteristics: Flat blade leaves; also a cover crop for temporary pasture, haylage or green chop; conserves nitrogen and builds organic matter when seeded after row crops are harvested in the fall.
Habitat: More productive than other cereals in infertile sandy or acidic soils.
Bloom Period: Early spring
Foliage Color: Green
Height: Up to 5.0 Ft
Minimum Root Depth: 8 in
pH: 4.5 – 8.2

Indicator Regions (view map & key):

Northcentral & Northeast: NI
Midwest: NI
Eastern Mountains and Piedmont: NI
Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain: NI


Shade: Full Sun
Drought: Moderate
Salt: Moderate

Seed Information:

Approximate seeds per lb: 18,000
Mix Seed Rate per Acre: Expect to apply about 30 lb per acre.
Truax Seedbox: Coarse-High Rates or Fluffy-Low Rates



Price: $0.51/Lb

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