Poa pratensis, 'Kelly'
Kentucky Bluegrass, ‘Kelly’

A long-lived grass used for lawns and pastures; provides food and cover for wildlife.

General Product Information:

Item Number: POAPRA04
Species Type: Naturalized
Product Categories:

Classification: Herbaceous Perennial
Characteristics: A rhizomatous, sod-forming cool season grass.
Habitat: Well-drained fertile soils; tolerates a wide range of soils.
Bloom Period: May to July
Foliage Color: Green
Height: Up to 2.0 Ft
Minimum Root Depth: 10 in
pH: 5.0 – 8.4

Indicator Regions (view map & key):

Northcentral & Northeast: FACU
Midwest: FAC
Eastern Mountains and Piedmont: FACU
Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain: FACU


Shade: Full Sun
Drought: Low
Salt: Low

Seed Information:

Approximate seeds per lb: 1,390,000
Truax Seedbox: Coarse-High Rates or Fluffy-Low Rates



Price: $3.41/lb

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