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Native Steep Slope Mix w/Grain Rye

Mix Composition

40.0% Secale cereale, Variety Not Stated (Rye, Variety Not Stated)

23.1% Sorghastrum nutans, 'Tomahawk' (Indiangrass, ‘Tomahawk’)

7.8% Elymus virginicus, PA Ecotype (Virginia Wildrye, PA Ecotype)

7.2% Andropogon gerardii, 'Niagara' (Big Bluestem, ‘Niagara’)

5.6% Elymus canadensis (Canada Wildrye)

3.8% Agrostis perennans, Albany Pine Bush-NY Ecotype (Autumn Bentgrass, Albany Pine Bush-NY Ecotype)

2.9% Panicum virgatum, NJ Ecotype (Switchgrass, NJ Ecotype)

2.1% Panicum clandestinum, 'Tioga' (Deertongue, ‘Tioga’)

1.5% Schizachyrium scoparium, 'Camper' (Little Bluestem, ‘Camper’)

1.0% Chamaecrista fasciculata, PA Ecotype (Partridge Pea, PA Ecotype)

0.9% Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower)

0.9% Tridens flavus (Purpletop)

0.8% Coreopsis lanceolata (Lanceleaf Coreopsis)

0.8% Rudbeckia hirta, Coastal Plain NC Ecotype (Blackeyed Susan, Coastal Plain NC Ecotype)

0.5% Heliopsis helianthoides, PA Ecotype (Oxeye Sunflower, PA Ecotype)

0.2% Monarda fistulosa, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype (Wild Bergamot, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype)

0.1% Aster laevis, NY Ecotype (Smooth Blue Aster, NY Ecotype)

0.1% Aster novae-angliae, PA Ecotype (New England Aster, PA Ecotype)

0.1% Geum canadense, PA Ecotype (White Avens, PA Ecotype)

0.1% Liatris spicata, PA Ecotype (Marsh Blazing Star, PA Ecotype)

0.1% Penstemon digitalis, PA Ecotype (Tall White Beardtongue, PA Ecotype)

0.1% Pycnanthemum tenuifolium (Narrowleaf Mountainmint)

0.1% Solidago juncea, PA Ecotype (Early Goldenrod, PA Ecotype)

General Product Information:

Use this formula with grain rye as a cover crop (from August 1st-February 15th). Mix formulations are subject to change wthout notice depending on the availability of existing and new products. While the formula may change, the guiding philosophy and function of the mix will not.

Item Number: ERNMX-181-2
Product Categories:

Height: 1.0 – 6.3 Ft
Seeding Rate: 75 lb per acre



Price: $8.84/lb

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