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Pisum arvense
Winter Pea, ‘Windham’

Used for erosion control as a cover crop or temporary hay crop; good top growth with high protein content; builds nitrogen and organic matter in fields and gardens; not winter hardy north of the Mason-Dixon Line; seed in early spring or fall; excellent for wild game food plots.

General Product Information:

Item Number: PISARV02
Species Type:
Product Categories:
, ,
Classification: Herbaceous Annual Legume, Herbaceous Annual Legume
Characteristics: A cool season legume; cold tolerant.
Habitat: Prefers dry soils.

Indicator Regions (view map & key):

Northcentral & Northeast: NI
Midwest: NI
Eastern Mountains and Piedmont: NI
Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain: NI


Seed Information:

Seeding Rate: Please contact customer service for seeding rate information.



Price: $1.10/lb

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