Featured Biomass Species

SwitchgrassPanicum virgatum

A native herbaceous perennial used for biomass in addition to soil stabilization on strip mine spoils and dikes and in buffer strips for nutrient update; provides pasture and hay for cattle and sheep; a source of food and cover for wildlife.
Big-BluestemAndropogon gerardii
Big Bluestem

Native Herbaceous Perennial Used for erosion control in sand and gravel pits, mine spoils and roadsides; contributes to diversified biomass production; a high-quality livestock forage; provides food and cover for wildlife.
IndiangrassSorghastrum nutans

Native Herbaceous Perennial good for erosion control, landscaping and roadside beautification; provides food and cover for wildlife.
Prairie-CordgrassSpartina pectinata
Prairie Cordgrass

Native Herbaceous Perennial that is an aggressive, sod-forming grass whose root system provides erosion control; provides food for waterfowl and songbirds and a habitat for muskrats.

Coastal-PanicgrassPanicum amarum
Coastal Panicgrass

Native Herbaceous Perennial used for stabilization of coastal dunes, wind erosion control and reclamation of gravel and mine areas; provides food and cover for wildlife.

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