Prairie Cordgrass
Spartina pectinata

Native Herbaceous PerennialAn aggressive, sod-forming grass whose root system provides erosion control; provides food for waterfowl and songbirds and a habitat for muskrats.

Prairie-CordgrassPrairie Cordgrass, Spartina pectinata, is native to wet riparian areas, but very capable of growing in upland soils. Prairie Cordgrass does well on both high and low-fertility sites and has a high tolerance to salt and soil pH. Prairie Cordgrass has stiff stems and tough, thick leaves that are serrated and sharp.

Habitat – Sandy shores and alluvial flats; pH 6.0-8.5

Characteristics – A rhizomatous, warm season species; grows to 7’ tall; 18” minimum root depth; full sun; low drought tolerance; no salt tolerance; blooms from July to August.

Seeding Rate – 7-8 PLS lb per acre alone; 5%-25% of a mix; approx. 106,000 seeds per lb

Varieties – State of Origin

  • ‘Red River’-ND; SD; MN (potential biomass variety)

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