Planting Guides for Native and Naturalized Seed Projects

Eastern North America features a wide variety of native and naturalized vegetation to replicate. We have developed a series of planting guides based on the majority of planting objectives which include erosion control and soil & water stabilization, beautification and landscape enhancement, creation of biodiversity and wildlife habitat & restoration, bioremediation to correct environmental problems, historical, cultural & ecological restoration, pollinator habitat for honeybees and native pollinators.

Using environmentally friendly, native plants saves time and money by reducing water, chemical, fertilizer and maintenance needs. When selecting seed mixes and individual species for your landscape project be sure your desired outcome is compatible with the site conditions. Our planting guides below provide information regarding seed mix selection and seeding methods for a variety of site types. The seed mixes noted in each planting guide can be customized to your specific needs and those of your site and ecological region.

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