Ernst Conservation Seeds

Restoration, Conservation and Wildlife

Ernst Seeds specializes in native and naturalized seeds and plant material of eastern North American ecotypes, cleaned and tested to USDA standards. Ernst supplies the highest quality seeds, mixes and bioengineering products for restoration, reclamation and conservation applications.

Wildflowers, native grasses, trees and shrubs can naturalize your landscape, conserve water, reduce chemical requirements and offer cover and food for birds and other wildlife. Ernst Seeds has built a history of establishing seed production of new species never before available.

Ernst Seeds has concentrated its efforts on providing the highest quality native seeds and plants for the entire East Coast (including Canada) and the Midwest. With its native seed production beginning in Pennsylvania, Ernst has developed other production centers in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Ernst Seeds has performed extensive studies of ecological regions, selected diverse species and developed native mixes that cover these special ecosystems.

Ernst Offers:

  • Native Reclamation & Conservation Species
  • Naturalized Reclamation & Conservation Species
  • Cover Crop Species
  • Grass & Grass-Like Species
  • Woody Tree, Shrub & Vine Species
  • Bioengineering & Wetland Shrub Material
  • Containerized Nursery Trees & Shrubs
  • Herbaceous Flowering Species