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NC Piedmont UPL Meadow Mix

Mix Composition

66.5% Schizachyrium scoparium, 'Blaze' (Little Bluestem, ‘Blaze’)

17.0% Elymus virginicus, AR Ecotype (Virginia Wildrye, AR Ecotype)

3.0% Coreopsis lanceolata (Lanceleaf Coreopsis)

3.0% Rudbeckia hirta (Blackeyed Susan)

1.0% Chamaecrista fasciculata, PA Ecotype (Partridge Pea, PA Ecotype)

1.0% Helianthus angustifolius, Coastal Plain NC Ecotype (Narrowleaf Sunflower, Coastal Plain NC Ecotype)

1.0% Heliopsis helianthoides, PA Ecotype (Oxeye Sunflower, PA Ecotype)

1.0% Monarda punctata, FL Ecotype (Spotted Beebalm, FL Ecotype)

0.8% Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Milkweed)

0.8% Pycnanthemum tenuifolium (Narrowleaf Mountainmint)

0.8% Tradescantia ohiensis, PA Ecotype (Ohio Spiderwort, PA Ecotype)

0.7% Chamaecrista nictitans, NC Ecotype (Sensitive Pea, NC Ecotype)

0.6% Aster pilosus, PA Ecotype (Heath Aster, PA Ecotype)

0.5% Eragrostis spectabilis, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype (Purple Lovegrass, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype)

0.4% Solidago nemoralis, PA Ecotype (Gray Goldenrod, PA Ecotype)

0.3% Baptisia albescens, NC Ecotype (Spiked Wild Indigo, NC Ecotype)

0.3% Lespedeza virginica, VA Ecotype (Slender Lespedeza, VA Ecotype)

0.3% Monarda fistulosa, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype (Wild Bergamot, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype)

0.3% Oenothera fruticosa var. fruticosa (Sundrops)

0.3% Penstemon australis, 'Suther'-NC Ecotype (Eustis Lake Beardtongue, ‘Suther’-NC Ecotype)

0.2% Penstemon laevigatus, PA Ecotype (Appalachian Beardtongue, PA Ecotype)

0.1% Baptisia tinctoria, Coastal Plain SC Ecotype (Yellow False Indigo, Coastal Plain SC Ecotype)

0.1% Solidago odora, PA Ecotype (Licorice Scented Goldenrod, PA Ecotype)

General Product Information:

Mix formulations are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of existing and new products. While the formula may change, the guiding philosophy and function of the mix will not.

Item Number: ERNMX-306
Product Categories:
Height: 1.0 – 6.0 Ft
Seeding Rate: 20 lb per acre with a cover crop. For a cover crop use either grain rye (30 lbs/acre; 1 Sep to 31 Apr) or Japanese Millet (10 lbs/acre; 1 May to 31 Aug)



Price: $27.49/Lb

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